Photo Album

Dr. Smith seeing how the aquaponics system was going
Student seeing how much his plants grew
Students science fair project on Aquaponics
Mountain View High Schools weather station
Mountain View High Schools weather station
Mountain View Weather station has gone live
Mountain View Weather Station has gone live
Students lettuce is fully grown and picked
Aerial view of Mountain View High School
Riverside County Sheriff Payan is speaking to the students
Mountain View High Schools Graduation
Staff showing their school spirit dressed up as Star Wars characters
Students taking the ASVAB Test
United States Army recruiters are talking to students about a career in the military
Students visiting Mount San Jacinto Junior College
Students getting ready for Fourth of July parade
Students posing in front of Boba Fett
Students riding a horse
Students got in to Star Wars attire for hour of code
Staff getting into the Halloween spirit
Boys Volleyball wins their first match
Students are preparing to build their project
Students about to go on a Virtual Field trip
Students are engaged on their science project
Students engaged on their science project
We had an awesome Hour of Code event
Students on their Virtual Field Trip
Students enjoying their morning assembly
Girls volleyball spikes their way to victory