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#6 The Warrior Way, Dress Code, and Remind

This video explains some of our expectations for our students and staff while on campus and during this time of distance learning. I also give you information about my Remind group so you're always in the loop on counseling-related activities and announcements.

#5 State Graduation Requirements

Behind in credits because you've moved schools a few times? Some students who have been in foster care, considered homeless, been in juvenile hall, military families, or who have moved here from another county may be able to go onto the state graduation track that helps them graduate on time. Watch this video to learn about that and see what is required.

#3 Progress Reports

This video helps you understand your weekly progress reports. I also describe a resource you will receive that will allow you to monitor your own progress 24/7.

#1 Student email and Google Apps

This video walks you through signing into your student email and using some of the important Google apps.