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Counseling Webpage

Care Solace Service:

Care Solace is a simple, fast and safe tool for drug and mental health help. You can get help finding resources in your area as well as help setting up appointments quickly. This is an amazing tool that is quite easy to use. Go to the link provided here and fill out the information. You'll be connected with a real person who will spend her or his time with you searching for resources that will help you with whatever mental health or drug-related problem you may face. You'll be able to be seen quickly too. No waiting around. Follow this link below to get started:

Community Resource Book

This downloadable file here is our community resource guide that contains many sources of help in various areas of need for individuals and families. 

A-G Requirements:

These are the courses one must do in high school to qualify for a CSU or UC. In addition to taking these courses, one must earn a grade of a "C" or better in each of them.